Training Courses

Training Courses

14Intelligence provides the complete range of training opportunities to extend and enhance your skills and abilities for operational requirements or for licensing purposes.

Whether you intend to transition your existing professional abilities into protection services where professional security training can be completed with firearms training and tactical driving courses, or you need basic or extended first aid training for your  licensing or permit requirements you can be assured that our training courses will exceed your needs for professional development.

Security Courses

Executive Close Protection, Hostile Environment, Maritime and Surveillance training is offered to allow clients to become certified operationally within their chosen area of deployment and to fulfil the requirements of the relevant licensing authority.

First Aid Courses

Mandatory and certified Training courses across the entire range of associated specialist skills can enhance the effectiveness and value of every operative. Courses are available from mandatory first aid to operational and advanced techniques of injury management.

Firearms Courses

The safe, strategic and effective use of firearms in a hostile or close protection situation demands expert, thorough and effective training at every level of ability. Our courses provide a four-level program from ‘ab initio’ to proficiency in operation.

Tactical Driving Courses

The techniques of Advanced Tactical Driving are crucial to the delivery of effective client protection, security diligence and the operational effectiveness. We offer the highest quality training for your needs.

For Advice and Assistance with  Training Requirements