Maritime Security Services

Maritime Security

The risk of modern piracy particularly in the recognized areas of high risk does not appear to be receding despite the best-coordinated efforts worldwide. Maritime security is increasingly necessary and the deployment of private security teams is now recommended by the international maritime organisations for active vessel protection within high-risk sea areas.

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Maritime Security Merchant shipping

Cargo Vessels

Maritime crimes including armed robbery in territorial waters and piracy in international waters pose hazards across the world and particularly to cargo vessels.

Modern piracy is a multi-million dollar, highly organised enterprise that more recently relies on investors to finance the high-risk operations in the hope of the high rewards from selling the cargos on the black market or holding vessels, crews, and passengers to ransom.

As a result of the rising levels of piracy in areas of high risk, privately contracted armed security personnel (PCASP) have been employed for protection on board merchant vessels operating in or navigating through such regions as recommended and approved by the IMO.

With over 7000 hours of transits through hostile areas clients can be assured that their ships, crew and cargo will have expert maritime security on their voyages.


Cruise Ship Protection

Although cruise ships have a statistically lower risk of pirate attacks and hijack they pose a far more complex scenario. Despite that pirates have attacked a broad range of vessels with varying results.

The laws concerning the use of armed guards (PCASP) on cruise ships have been relaxed more recently. The International Maritime Organisation now accepts that the deployment of armed security personnel is an accepted practice for security against the threats of boarding, kidnap and ransom.

The protection of cruise ships, their passengers and crews from piracy or terrorism present a complex and involved balance of threat recognition, strategy management and defence. Our specialist teams have the experience, knowledge and capabilities to ensure the  maritime security of your vessel, passengers, crew and reputation.


Maritime Security Leisure & Cruise Ship

Maritime Security Services Include:


Vessel risk assessment


Security equipment advice


International legal services documentation


Permissions and clearances


Tactical deployment at sea


Strategies of protection


Protection and security at sea


Port and coastal state requirements


Customs and state regulation of PCASP teams

For Advice and Assistance with Maritime Security

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