Who we are

About 14Intelligence

With over 20 years of experience, we know that the services we provide are unequalled within Security, Mediation, Training and  Legal operations.

All of 14Intelligence staff are ex armed forces from the UK, USA and Europe.

Our teams comprise highly educated and highly trained operatives in their chosen speciality from whom we expect and demand the very highest degree of professionalism, operational commitment and discretion. Our recruitment procedures are directed towards identifying and retaining the very best operatives to ensure our clients receive excellence, operational efficacy and diligence throughout.

Our Mediation team are fully trained and experienced Hostage Negotiators, are Crisis and Conflict Management trained and are available and trained to resolve a conflict, a difference of opinion in the workplace or a family matter as required.

We have specialist Close Protection teams who have worked internationally with a diverse range of clients, catering for their specific and particular needs and requirements when on task.

All our Close Protection Officers are firearms trained to a highly professional standard and are regularly monitored to ensure that they exceed and maintain the required standards to enable them to remain operational and effective.


In contrast to many other security and protection organisations our officers operate with the utmost discretion, do not seek to glamourise their work or to gain recognition but rather to have an understated, secure and effective presence.

There is a large Investigation and Surveillance team who have many years of experience in dealing professionally and efficiently with all manner of investigations.

In essence we are a highly trained and experienced company which is committed to providing a first-class service to all clients according to their needs, requirements and instructions.

Our head office is located in Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK and have access to major international airports within an hours drive.

Extreme discretion is ensured in all aspects of our work which is conducted in a highly professional and serious but approachable manner. Our professional teams and staff are available and contactable 24 hours per day worldwide and provide a continuous and first class service to all our clients.

14Intelligence is an equal opportunities employer which embraces diversity, equality and inclusivity in all aspects of its work and operations.

Client Care

Our Clients

14Intelligence have worked for a diverse selection of clients ranging from:

• Pop Stars, Soloists and Bands

• Actors

• Politicians

• Overseas Diplomats

• Witness Protection

• Lottery Winners

• Commercial Companies

• Promotors and Music Executives

• Film and Stage Executives

• High Risk Individual Clients

Our Philosophy

To assess and to provide the most appropriate, discreet and effective service to each individual client or organisation in line with their specific worldwide security requirements in a professional, timely, comprehensive and minimally intrusive manner.


Our Focus

We are dedicated and focussed on the requirements of each individual client to ensure their safety, security and wellbeing in order to allow them to conduct their activities with the minimum of disruption but to be a deterrent presence for their protection.



We are dedicated to the delivery of an excellent, comprehensive and discreet service with efficiency and professionalism across the entire spectrum of our activities and tasks; with the sensitivity and flexibility to support the specific security and operational requirements of each of our clients at all times.