Security Protection Services

Security Protection

With extensive experience of operational deployment our teams can ensure our clients security protection in the entire spectrum of scenarios and locations.

Close protection teams operate in areas and situations where risk assessment identifies a potential threat in a ‘non-hostile’ or ‘domestic’ scenario as well as in high risk hostile environments where highly experienced teams can deliver protection services for a wide range of clients.

Close Protection

Close Protection Services

For over 20 years 14Intelligence have been providing professional Close Protection Officers (Bodyguards) to both the private & commercial sectors.

Should you have the need for personal protection, whether you are a celebrity or a private individual, we can provide you with an unrivalled protection service from concept to service delivery.

Our Close Protection Officers are all professionally trained and have served many years in their chosen trade, we are serious protection specialists.

Each Close Protection Officer (Bodyguard) have extensive military backgrounds and are therefore highly disciplined and prepared for the unexpected during operations.

Hostile environment services

The responsible management of operations in regions of risk is fundamental in the care and protection of the workforce in the development and maintenance of services, equipment and commercial activities.

Hostile Environment protection is a specialised area of close protection which requires skilled security personnel with an extensive background of knowledge, ability and an acute awareness of risk assessment, management, operational skills and tactical expertise.

14Intelligence can offer detailed risk assessment analysis and operational deployment within hostile environments for the protection of your workforce and assets with structured, sensitive but operationally effective teams.

We deploy only highly trained former military operatives with the experience, knowledge and skills to provide your protection services in challenging high risk environments.

Hostile environment services
Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

14Intelligence offers a comprehensive consultation and Security Risk Assessment based on the proven Risk Management methodology.

We provide strategic recommendations for each individual client, for each project and for each contract undertaken with Due Diligence, Operational Considerations and Task Requirement.

Our Risk Analysis comprises a comprehensive assessment of the contract and operation which focusses on providing a complete security plan of services to our clients.

14Intelligence is sensitive to the needs of each client and can therefore offer an individual and tailored approach to their respective requirements.

All security advice, recommendations, operational assessments, and consultations are based on a meticulous consideration of the required key objectives of each task or contract.

14Intelligence has worked for a diverse selection of clients ranging from:


Pop Stars, Soloists and Bands






Overseas Diplomats


Witness Protection


Lottery Winners


Commercial Companies

We plan your movements and protection to accommodate your daily routine therefore allowing you to conduct your day without interruptions.

Unlike the majority of Security companies who offer Close Protection Services, we do not glamourise protection, our Close Protection Officers do not want to be in the limelight, we simply deliver a first class Professional Protection Service that speaks for itself and the clients safety.

14Intelligence offer a worldwide service throughout the year irrespective of time and location.

For Advice and Assistance with Protection Services

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