Tactical Driving Training

Tactical Driving Training

Tactical Driving training, like all driving expertise, relies on the learning, development and practice of extended techniques of the control of different vehicles depending on application.

Our courses are designed for professional drivers to enhance their existing skills in techniques of defensive driving in all situations, protection driving in the situation of a credible threat and extend to the training levels of the advanced protection tactical driver who requires the ultimate capability in tactical driving skills.

1. Basic Tactical Driving Courses

Course Outline

The basic course underlines the differences between bulletproof and non-bulletproof security vehicles. This phase is the basic level of the security driver-training programme and is designed to educate drivers from all walks of life and agencies in the importance of security driving. Understanding vehicle dynamics will reflect on the ability to maintaining control of the vehicle at all times and in all conditions.


2 days – Very Intensive

Part One : Technical Theory (Classroom)

The classroom phase covers technical driving, which details the characteristics of vehicle behaviour and explains vehicle language. This is followed by an introducing to the characteristics of an armoured vehicle and how this differs to a normal vehicle.

Part Two : Practical Driving (Track)

The driving phase is designed to teach the students all aspects of practical driving whilst maintaining control of the vehicle. During the final phase of the course, each student will be required to negotiate a set course under test conditions. They will be assessed on their driving skills to safely operate the vehicle under normal and simulated stressful conditions. Students be required to undergo a timed driving test at the end of the course, to confirm their successful understanding of the necessary aspects of vehicle language and their ability to implement them accordingly.

Students will also be taught correct vehicle maintenance, required daily checks, fault finding on causes and remedies.

2. Defensive Driving Courses

Course Outline

This lecture serves as an introduction for students on how to react when they encounter a roadblock and when the situation escalates into a credible threat or a physical attack


2 Days

Part One : Classroom Phase

The training schedule begins with a display and lecture of tactics used by terrorists, and the importance of route planning procedures, road awareness and attack recognition.

Part Two : Driving Experience

Instructors will carry out mock attacks using coloured marking equipment and simulated explosives (IED’s) to place the students under stress, to demonstrate to them how to respond, to maintain high levels of functional awareness during attacks and to improve their reactions  when presented with such situations.

3. Tactical Driving Skills

Course Outline

The object of this course is to provide the student with insight on how to move (as a team of vehicles) from point “A” to point “B” while doing so in a cohesive team.


2 Days

Course Information

A team works and functions in accordance with rules and guidelines that assist in achieving their objective. A cohesive team is aware of the responsibilities of each individual team member and is able to communicate their movements either verbally on non-verbally. Over time these movements and strategies become refined, more quickly performed and therefore infinitely more efficient. The course develops the driver’s skills in the security awareness of their immediate surroundings. Students will be tested on their awareness and ability to notice and react appropriately to unusual situations and incidents. This is a demanding course both mentally and physically with long working hours and long periods of concentration.

Students will be shown convoy techniques and will demonstrate these techniques over the two days.

4. Advanced Protection Vehicles Driving

Course Outline

The ultimate training for professional drivers. This advanced training course is the ideal complement to the participants’ previous training. It includes the management of extreme situations, including whilst escaping, how to master an armoured vehicle, and mental fortitude.

This three-day course further develops all the aspects covered on the previous Professional Training course. Participants’ driving skills are also taken to the next level of professional expertise. Training includes night sessions with escape scenarios under paintball fire, driving with vehicle-to-vehicle contact, and fast pace car laps demonstrating ideal line driving, all of which help participants to enhance their efficiency and effectiveness in their roles and to offer their passengers optimal security. This training course ensures you have all the tools needed to become an advanced professional driver.


3 days and 3 overnight stays (including arrival and departure days) / max. 8 participants per group (2 participants per vehicle)


Basic Tactical Driving Courses.


  • Theory of driving dynamics
  • Practical driving exercises
  • Full board in single room
  • Insurance
  • Only for professional drivers of security vehicles

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