Our Services

Our Services

With extensive experience and attention to detail in each operation 14Intelligence has been providing close protection to clients internationally for more than twenty years to ensure their safety and security.

Surveillance and vigilance is a key aspect of our protection services to ensure the recognition and management of risk and its neutralization.

With the increased risks to shipping from international piracy the need for maritime security continues to increase and to require a strong security presence to deter hostiles and prevent vessel assault or possible capture. Such kidnap and ransom scenarios would require our expert hostage negotiation teams to be deployed to facilitate mediation and secure hostage release.

Our specialist teams are available to provide legal assistance and process within the UK to streamline and facilitate our clients’ needs.

Security Protection

14Intelligence has been providing professional Close Protection Officers (Bodyguards) internationally to both the private & commercial sectors for more than twenty years.

Hostage Negotiation

Professional hostage negotiation experts with extensive experience and skills are invaluable in the resolution of the most difficult and high risk situations.

Maritime Security

There is an increasing demand for protection services for merchant and leisure vessels particularly in potential conflict zones. Our specialist teams can provide advice and operational security.


Fully trained and experienced mediators are available to assess, manage and assist in the resolution of any level of conflict or impasse.


Our skilled staff can provide the the entire spectrum of intelligence data gathering internationally with discretion and professionalism.

Legal Services

Skilled, experienced and professional staff dedicated to the delivery of required documentation and process can ensure the prompt and timely resolution of legal matters.

For Advice and Assistance with our Services

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